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Ezytal is an integrated corporate website design and mobile application development company in India that provides multiple business integration solutions including business listing website creation, virtual number integration, convergent messaging, smart virtual view, and business portal development. 

The company also provides end-to-end digital marketing services including social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, content writing, and SEO. Ezytal is integrated with almost all the major sources of business listings such as Google, Bing, YAHOO!, Facebook, and Twitter. 

EZYTAL is a website design and mobile application development company in India that was founded in 2019 with the main objective of providing complete digital marketing solutions to small and medium businesses. 

The company follows a lean and agile methodology to develop and deliver projects. using which it can provide services of high value and deliver them within the specified time frame.

SEO Optimization

SEO is the fastest-maturing digital marketing technique and has the potential to make your business website shine in search results. Professional SEO optimization services by Ezytal include site audit, content optimization, link building, playlist creation for social media, schema markup, spam check, and server configuration optimization to name a few.

SEO optimization

The benefits of SEO are accrued instantly and over a period of time. However, some of the immediate benefits of SEO optimization include an increase in website traffic, enhancement in page ranking, generation of sales leads, domain authority enhancement, and online brand building.

The ultimate objective of SEO optimization is to make your website appear on the first page of search results for your industry keywords. Ezytal the website design and mobile application development company in India makes this dream a reality.

You want your website to be found when users search for products or services you offer. SEO helps your website to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, so you acquire new customers. Ezytal ensures your web page is optimised to rank higher for your target keywords.

The time taken to achieve top ranking varies according to the competition level for those keywords and how well your website currently ranks for them.

Typically, you can expect to achieve top ranking within three months if your website is properly structured and updated with fresh content. The faster you improve the quality of your content, the faster you will achieve top ranking.

Ezytal believes that every business should have a Google My Business account and a Google business profile to make the most of SEO.

A Google My Business account provides insight into the business location and contacts you want to exclude from search results. A Google business profile helps you to show that your website belongs to a trustworthy business with data such as business location, contact details, opening date, and so on.

We believe that schema markup should be used on every website, you can enhance the understanding of your web pages using this technology. Ezytal uses schema markup to create directories, events, videos, and others. The script adds glowing stars to represent video content on your web page, so users can easily identify video recordings. schema markup also helps you to mark up contact forms so users can easily identify them on your website.

You might have probably encountered spam in search results. The Ezytal uses spam checks to remove such websites that offer fake products or services and drive customers to irrelevant websites. The technique also helps to remove spam comments, spam shares, and spam pages from the search results.

You can build a strong spam fighter by using spam flagging, updating content, and using or creating rich media.

How to invest in SEO for your website

SEO is one of the easiest ways to invest your money and time that will pay off in the future. The corporate website design and mobile application development company in India suggests that you start building an organic SEO strategy for your new website right after launching it. Make it a habit to check the search results each time you write a new web page or update a page.

The following are three simple steps to build your SEO strategy using organic search.

1. Analyze your competitors’ SEO tactics

you have several competitors specifically for Google My Business and Google Search for the website you are working on. Click on the first result, and then click on “Index” to see how your website looks in Google search results. Make a list of activities or tactics your competitors are using to appear in the top search results.

2. Focus on high-quality content

The corporate website design and mobile application development company in India suggests that you start with quality content first. Writing posts that are relevant to your users and producers of high-quality content tends to have a positive impact on search results. Perfect your tone and style of writing to attract readers and search engines.

3. Analyze your performance in Search Console

The Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) helps you monitor the health of your website in Google Search. You can find problems with your site, users, or content in Search Console. Fix those issues to improve your SEO performance in Search Console and, consequently, in Google search results. You can get a free account in Google Search Console.

The corporate website design and mobile application development company in India suggests that you get an expert’s help to set up your SEO strategy after launching your new website. An expert will build an organic SEO strategy for your new website based on your business goals and budget.

How to hire an SEO company for your business

You should also consider hiring an SEO company to implement your SEO tactics. The corporate website design and mobile application development company in India suggests that you analyze the candidates’ track record, culture, and price. You can expect to see results within three months after the launch of your new website. However, you should give the SEO company 1–2 years to build organic SEO traffic to your new site.

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